The Adenike Charity Foundation is an independent charity that awards grants to support and promote excellence in the fields of health, education and humanities. The foundation was founded by Adenike Jennifer Emiola.


Our vision is to be regarded as an influential organisation, contributing to educational policy, practice and research in order to shape and meet the evolving needs of Nigerians and young people.


The mission of the Foundation is to promote the education of young people in inner Nigerian through its grant programms for individuals, educational institutions and organisations.


Our core value provide the basis for the Foundation’s mission. They shape the way we pursue our vission and constitutes the way we behave with each other as well as the way we interact with the world around us.

Our Core values are:

  •  Efficiency and professionalism – we aim to treat people with dignity and respect, always adhering to the highest personal and professional standards in the pursuit of the business efficiency.
  • Openness and Transparency – Our policies, procedures, and processes conform to the highest standard of governance and will stand the test of probity.
  •  Consideration – we treat everyone with empathy, compassion and understanding as we ourselves would wish to be treated.
  • Innovation – we actively seek creative excellence to achieve change for the better.

Projects For 2017

  • Notebooks for primary schools. (20th October, 2017)
  • Students will benefit for the payment of WAEC/NECO Examination. (21st October, 2017)
  • Reasonably assisting the community in some of its efforts (30th October, 2017)
  • Launching of Adenike Charity Foundation (2nd December, 2017)

Projects For 2018

  • Scholarship for students across Nigeria.
  • Free school sandals for Primary School in North State Nigeria.
  • Free school school Bags for Primary School across Nigeria.
  • Visiting to all Nigeria Army staying at checking point unit across Nigeria


With your help we want to be a champion of social responsibility and charitable giving for the Adenike Charity Foundation,

making our supporters proud of the work we carry out in their name.